Deez Cards was created back in 2017 before I went into brain surgery. In 2015, I developed seizures from a brain lesion. After every seizure, my memory became worse and worse. The hospitals where I live weren’t able to determine why the seizures were not going away. As a result, my family and I traveled to many different states before finding a hospital that could help. Two years later, with grateful thanks to The Mayo Clinic, I had surgery in Minnesota in an effort to stop my seizures. The weekend before the surgery, I went to a local MN card shop to find a gift that I would hopefully remember. It turned out that it was the grand opening of a second location for Three Stars Sports Cards. I joined the celebration and was able to get into some Hockey Pack Wars where I pulled a Connor McDavid Canvas Young Guns. The card eventually was graded and came back a BGS 10. At the time, I didn’t know anything about cards – just memorabilia – as my uncle has a huge vintage collection. I spent the next several months recovering from brain surgery and learning all I could about the sports card business. Deez Cards became a passion with a purpose. Deez Cards was and is my divine intervention, developed at a time when I needed it most. It is Deez Cards’ mission to do the same for others.